More of Yourself to Give

‘Tis the season of giving, perhaps moreso this year with recent heartbreaking tragedies and a wonderful emphasis on donating time and money. Giving is a fundamental part of human nature, perhaps that’s why we feel more whole when we do it.

But often times people forget about themselves. If you really want to give and share the best of you with others, then you need to take good care of yourself. One metaphor – which can also be literal – is you can’t care for a sick person if you become sick.

Exercise regularly, eat right, work on issues that cause stress, get enough sleep. Prioritize these things. I’m not saying ignore others and focus on yourself 24/7. But when you take care of yourself, you’ll feel healthier, more energetic, and more balanced. And imagine how much more of yourself you can give to others. They’d be getting the very best version of you, and don’t your family, friends, and causes deserve that?

So take good care of your body, mind, and spirit all year round. Then you can give more of yourself to others.

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