Startup Leaders: Watch the Mood and the ‘Tude

No one is naturally happy and smiling all the time. As a startup leader, the pressure will sometimes make you anxious, frustrated, or just burnt. When it happens, it’s usually obvious to your co-workers. And it’s okay.

Don’t try to be the perfect leader all the time. You’re human. Let yourself be in a crappy mood.

Employees can empathize with your low points. They see you battling stress while leading your company. But if you’re like this all the time, it raises red flags. And it should.

If you’re in a bad mood most of the time, you shouldn’t be leading a startup right now.

Many big company leaders seem to have permanent scowls on their faces, like they want everyone to know how hard and stressful it is to be a CEO. They can get away with that in a big company environment.

Startups are different. The offices are often cozy and employees see you a lot. Believe me, they’re watching. They need you to be accessible and engaged.

Employees take cues from you. Chronic negativity will drag them down.

Bad moods happen, but they should be the exception. Don’t get wrapped up in your stresses. Negativity is contagious, and a big part of your job is to foster enthusiasm and motivation. Use strategies to regain perspective. Then get back to being the leader your company needs.

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