Passion vs. The Emotional Rollercoaster


Founders need to be passionate about their business. But as a startup grows it can be difficult for entrepreneurs to separate passion from unhealthy emotional reactions. They’ve probably poured their heart and soul (and maybe money) into the venture. It’s their baby, and it’s personal. But if they take every up and down personally, they’ve bought a ticket on the emotional rollercoaster. And the results are going to make everyone nauseous.

I’ve witnessed the amusement park founder in action. On good days (e.g. glowing media coverage) he thought his team was invincible. On bad days (running out of money) he would scream in an employee’s face in front of everyone, ranting about their incompetence. Emotionally ill equipped, eventually he refused to give up control and the company went under.

It may require strategies to emotionally invest in longer term goals instead of daily wins and losses. But if leaders can keep the passion burning and stay off that rollercoaster, everyone can enjoy the ride.

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